We are a company based on the story of one family one family

The company’s history

Even before the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia, we were perceived as one of the most industrialized parts of Europe and this attribute stayed with us even after the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia. During the First Republic era, industrial development continued successfully until the end of the 1930’s when politics took the course towards war anticipation. This trend did not miss the Brno Zbrojovka which began to plan an expansion of its production. In 1938, the company launched a project for a machine tool plant (Klaudy- Lippert architectural studio of Vienna). Due to the country’s occupation, the implementation of the project was halted, but in the fall of 1941 the construction of the new branch of the Brno Zbrojovka was resumed and completed at the end of 1942. In 1943, after the destruction of its plant in Hamburg, the company Klöckner Flugmotorenbau relocated its manufacture of aviation engines to the newly-built halls of the Zbrojovka in Kuřim (in June 1944, over 15 thousand employees worked in both plants). On August 25, 1944, both plants were destroyed during an air raid by the 304th Bomber Squadron of the 15th US Air Force. Work on the plant’s reconstruction began immediately, but production was never resumed to the original extent. After the war, parts of the halls were repaired and complemented and, on January 1, 1950, the company reemerged as TOS Kuřim, national enterprise. For the purposes of foreign trading, the country established various trading companies named INVESTA, KOVO, STROJIMPORT, to name a few. Some of them used the former Klöckner Flugmotorenbau halls for storage, packing, and shipping purposes. The abovementioned trading companies existed until 1989, when the entire plant was taken over as part of the privatization process by a joint-stock company named FINOP, a.s., later renamed to INVESTA International a.s. In 2005, the company was bought by KAMPOS, s.r.o., a limited liability company that set up a trend of planning and visionary projects. In 2019, the company established a subsidiary named KAMPOS LOGISTICS, s.r.o., which continues to pursue this trend that we are now presenting to you in this document entitled “Vision 2020-2030“.


The year 2019 was the first year of our independent management of the whole site.  Our business activities include leasing of commercial space, security guards, energy management, data technologies, and handling of tenants’ facilities.

The year 2020 changed our lives far more than we expected and were even willing to admit.

KAMPOS LOGISTICS is growing. We have before us a path that we call our “vision” and we are determined to follow this path to fulfillment. We know the direction we want to take. We pursue our plan of growth and further development.

Ten Commandments of KAMPOS

1. We have respect and confidence to one another.

2. We are loyal to our company and proud of its mission statement and tradition.

3. We are united by common goals and endeavor to cooperate on their realization.

4. We act as if the company belongs to us.

5. We promote open communication within the company.


6. We want to be professionals.

7. We rely on honest, responsible, and reliable communication with customers.

8. Our goal is a customer who is satisfied with our services.

9. Long-term relationships with customers are more important to us than short-term profits.

10. We value the trust of our customers.

We care about the environment 

As part of our further development, we have incorporated a section on environmental protection in the Vision 2020 - 2030 document. Through gradual modifications we want to achieve better water management, energy savings, and a better environment for our customers and employees. 

Investments in the construction of green roofs and green walls on the facades in the area, acquisition of solar panels and rainwater storage tanks, fencing the area with hedges and planting trees will help us to achieve these considerable goals.

We help because we can 

As a company full of productive employees, it makes sense to us to help people and organizations that need it most. We regularly spend time, energy, and above all funds to improve the quality of life of those who are really needy.