A modern logistical center offers more than a mere warehouse.

Why opt for our logistical center?

Background facilities

In the more than 20 years of operation, KAMPOS has built up background facilities that are being used by a number of our tenants as well as other companies in the neighborhood.

Convenient location

Our company is located on the outskirts of Kuřim in a strategic position on the main route from Brno to Svitavy. The proximity of a large city guarantees sufficient workforce capacity and workers’ easy commuting to the site. Right next to KAMPOS LOGISTICS is a suburban bus stop and directly in Kuřim is a railway station.

Available services

There is parking, a cafeteria, a filling station, Wi-Fi, data connection with optical cable, services of local carriers, handling or storage equipment, packing, and shipping services.

Auxiliary services

Handling machine (VZV = forklift) 1,6–⁠11.4 t

Our VZV with load capacity of 11.4 t underwent a complete overhaul of the hydraulic system and is now ready to serve you ...

Machine crane 12.5 t

Easily, even 20 years.  Working with us makes sense and you have a backup team you can rely on.

Manual handling

We play sports, relax, and enjoy good food and beverages. Afterwards, we socialize at corporate events several times a year – in Kuřim, in Jedlová u Poličky or in other places.

Do you like the services of our logistical center?

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